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Double Column Machining Center

This series is the fix-column bridge type machining center which adopts fixed crossbeam and column, but moveable table . X and Y axes use the roller type linear guide way, and Z axis offers box way or linear guide way according to customer’s needs. In addition, it can be equipped with various types of manual attaching head (90 degrees milling head, universal head,extension head, multi-directional head etc.). Applicable to all kinds of parts processing, mold mold processing, aluminum parts and aerospace transportation parts processing industry etc.

  • With the shortest spindle center line distance, strong rigidity, low thermal displacement.
  • Shortening the length of the gear box drive shaft, effectively reduces the vibration.
  • Z axis with two sets of counter weighted oil cylinder can also balance the weight of the spindle head.
  • The whole machine with three-axis using Germany INA roller linear guideway or the Japanese NSK / THK linear guideway.

Máy gia công trung tâm hai trụ

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