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Dishing presses

Heads of any size can be manufactured with our Portal Frame Presses which range from 150 to 5000 Ton. All BOLDRINI presses are equipped with state of the art handling devices for cold and hot manipulation of blanks up to 11000mm diameter and over 100mm in thickness. Special equipment for automatic petal manipulation gives our customers the ability to produce hemispheres and extremely large heads by segments.
BOLDRINI’S unique and innovative automatic playback system enables precise and continuous repetition of large series head production: multiple presses can be run simultaneously by a single operator. A BOLDRINI Press is known worldwide for its high speed, including approach, return and particularly, pressure build-up timing, resulting in a substantial increase in head production.


Flanging machines

The vast majority of large dished and flanged ends produced in the world today are manufactured with BOLDRINI equipment. BOLDRINI gained the leadership on this market, as heads dished and flanged with BOLDRINI machines can be produced according to worldwide standard specifications with very tight tolerances and perfectly smooth surfaces. The machine design takes into account, simple operation and high productivity. BOLDRINI Flanging Machines are available with capacities in cold forming ranging from 2mm to 80mm, and hot forming up to 200mm: ASME 2:1 elliptical heads up to 8000mm in diameter. The range of special flanging equipment, designed for cone production, has the capability of flanging ends up to 12000mm maximum diameter on the horizontal axis or up to 7000mm length in a tilted position. A BOLDRINI Press and Flanging Machine exceeds twice the maximum capacity of any other manufacturer.

Special press



Máy ép / vê chỏm cầu BOLDRINI

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