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● Meehanite castings for all major parts.

● 4+1 (X,Y,Z,W+B) axis and 4 simultaneous machining.

● Linear scales on X, Y, Z axes.

● Powerful hydraulic system clamps rotary table securely.

● Program indexed rotary table positions at every 90º for various machining requirements. (standard)

● Optional universal CNC indexing table.

● Fanuc 0i-MF CNC controller.

● Spindle extension sleeve (optional) allows for deep hole machining.

● Simultaneous 4 axes control when equipped with universal CNC indexing table.(Optional)

● Column-moving design, work table installs on the base of x axis, higher rigidity and larger work table loading capacity.

● With linear scale on X,Y,Z axis, forming a closed feedback system.

● 4+1 axes (X,Y,Z,W+B) control and simultaneous 4 axes control.

● Universal CNC indexing table (B axis function).

● X / Y / Z axis Traverse2000/2050/1500 mm.

● Work table Size1440 x 1600 mm.

● Max. work table load8000 kg

● T2/T3/T4 spindle can be extended to 500mm long


Máy phay doa CNC

Tags: FEMCO CNC Boring and Milling