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The HMC series is an excellent machine tool product designed for industries with high efficiency processing needs. Special body design adopts double wall structure, the base with T-type three-layer box design, equipped with ultra-high rigidity which is not easily to be distorted. Upright and horizontal series product with one-time clamping and five-sided processing, which is able to simplify the jig and shorten the manufacturing process, A / B worktables are able to be automatically exchanged or multi-disk exchanged. It is suitable for mass production of automobile and locomotive parts, such as production of transmission box, cylinder block, valve parts or pump components, as well as the production of various large and medium precision molds.

  • Spindle with high rigidity bearings, bearing diameter up to Ø100 mm, with built-in powerful motor 25/29 kW.
  • Three-axis with Ø50 mm C3 and high-precision ball screw, with optional coolant through ballscrew.
  • The worktable adopts four tapered clamping positioning mechanism, super clamping force to ensure the stability of the worktable and positioning precision, strong blowing system depends on the tapered positioning to blow out strong air column, clear up iron chips, and ensure the clamping stability as well as position precision of worktable by means of the airtight detection of tapered hole.

Máy gia công trung tâm ngang

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