Plate Rolls with Planetary Swinging Arms 4HEP

The 4HEP model of 4-roll synchronized bending rolls is latest development of a design engineered in Faccin and approved by the most demanding operators in extreme environments for more that 25 years. It mixes power, accuracy and reliability in an special package that makes it the state of the art in modern plate bending machines.

Maximum rigidity of the machine against high longitudinal and traverse forces is given by a closed loop structure, together with the traditional ultra wide drop end, that ensures superior rolling quality and high repeatability of the products roundness.

 The conventional linear RGS design of the pinching roll guarantees higher forces for superior quality of pre-bending. For this reason the pinch roll is supported by 4 independent bearings (2 on each side) and the bearing housing is two times larger for better lateral load absorption and guiding.

The innovative exclusive HFS system features an external mounting of the pivoting lateral hydraulic cylinders, fixed in their highest end as standard configuration on all medium and large sizes of 4HEP.  This ensures a greater closeness of the bending force application points, and we are sure that it will become soon a landmark in the machine tool industry.

Faccin always offers first-class components, meaning that all versions of numerical control systems available for 4HEP series are SIEMENS only, along with the ability to include roller conveyors, automatic loading and unloading systems for the creation of a fully automatic line.

The 4HEP design ensures the possibility to improve the entire working cycle, rolling in one direction and in one pass, assuring complete safety and the capability of being handled completely by a single operator, even if less experienced.

4HEP bending rolls, with exclusive Siemens CNC designed and built by Faccin, are the most reliable and advanced solution available amongst all rolling machines with planetary technology on the market today. The most suitable and reasonable investment for requirements of high productivity, for rolling plates from 5 to 150mm thickness up to a useful length of 18000mm

Máy lốc tôn 4 trục FACCIN 4HEP Series

TAIWAN COMBITECH - công ty chuyên phân phối Máy lốc tôn 4 trục FACCIN 4HEP Series uy tín hàng đầu

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